Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My day in Hermosillo

The very rustic "cahuamanta" roadside diner.


The street popular sushi roll chain, Que Rollo(What a roll!), in Hermosillo.Didn't try one, but it was a first for me, a sushi roll stand in Mexico?

The carne asada(L), and the al pastor(R) from Tacos Jass.

Carne asada tacos at Taco's Jass are made from a blend of three quality cuts of Sonoran steaks including the New York steak being prepared by the grill man.

Hermosillo is a true Mexico experience to encounter.It's a classic. It's a clean city, full of amazing carnes, perhaps the best in Mexico, mariscos, banda street concerts, and a real family atmosphere.It's located in the Sonoran desert and only about an hour from the sea of Cortez.Surf and turf!! That's right, a thriving cattle industry and a bounty of seafood all in the same area code.

I was only in town for a quick turn on business, so my planning had to be precise and my consumption disciplined. So much for that.How can you take a bite of this mind-blowing food and put it down and walk away?

I started the afternoon with the local and famed Caguamanta, a splendid soup made with manta ray. It used to be made with turtle, but was then substituted with manta ray as turtle became illegal. I found a real roadside shack.What this place lacked in aesthetics, it made up for in hospitality and sabor! After a little business related stuff, it was off to Tacos Jass. The best carne asada taqueria in town.They use a blend of prime new york steak, palomilla, and another cut that escapes me. These carne asada tacos were outstanding, tender, and moist.After walking it off, I explored the street options available on my way to the upscale steak house, Sonora Steak.Believe it or not, sushi rolls have become a fad as a street food in Hermosillo, Mexico. I know sushi has taken Mexico by storm in recent years, but this was new.Watching Hermosillo college students chat and devour street sushi rolls chased down by some pickled chiles was a sight to behold.

Finally, I made it to Sonora Steak for a taste.That's all I could muster at this point.I ordered their aged Angus steak priced by weight.I opted for 200 grams of tender succulence accompanied by roasted Mexican green onions and jalapenos, and a baked potato. Oh, i forgot to mention the queso fundido made with locally produced cheese topped with hongos(mushrooms). A little Herradura Anejo and sangrita to end my day of feasting followed by a cohiba while reclining in the desert air is alright.

My Hermosillo favorites:
Tacos Jass
Don Chuy
Fine steakhouse
Sonora Steak
El Marcos

Steakhouse serving complete dinners(paquetes)
El Lenador

Los Arbolitos

7 Mares Guaymas on the highway to Guaymas

Special foods:
Carne asada, machaca,queso fundido, tortillas de harina(Sonora style), chilorio, caguamanta, chiles de chiltepin(hot!!!), tripas de leche, mantarraya, Arrachera (steak).....

Bacanora(agave spirit made locally)

Hope to make it back to Sonora soon.


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I was recently in Caborca, Sonora and I can't get over how good the food tastes there. Tacos de Barbacoa, tacos de cabeza, raspados de fruta natural con lechera, paletas natural, quesadillas, empanadas de cajeta, carne arrecherra, pizza with a secret sauce/salsa on the side, quesos,the list goes on and on!!