Friday, September 21, 2012

Chef Benito Molina at Playa: September 23-25

Fried abalone, Manzanilla style

The Baja series continues at Playa with the original Ensenada flavors of Chef Benito Molina. Molina will be in the kitchen at Chef John Sedlar's Playa restaurant from Sunday, September 23rd through Tuesday, September 25th serving up the finest Baja products in dishes like his clever fried abalone, Manzanilla style, which shall become your ultimate version of fish and chips.

Molina is internationally renowned for his minimalist cooking style, in which the superior Baja products define the dish. A mind blowing 12-course tasting at Manzanilla just a few months back is still fresh on my palate, so prepare yourself for another iconic taste of Baja hosted by America's leading high Baja cuisine supporter: Chef John Sedlar.

Benito Molina at Playa
September 23-25, dinner service
7360 Beverly Bl.

Monday, September 17, 2012

La Guerrerense at Playa, 9/16-9-18: Baja Series of Chefs With Chef John Sedlar

Sabina Gonzalez and her daughter Mariana Oviedo at Playa's ceviche station last night

Last night, Sabina Gonzalez and her daughter Mariana of the famed La Guerrerense  seafood cart in Ensenada set up shop on Beverly Bl. to kick off a series of guest chefs from Baja California at Playa. This collaboration with Chef John Sedlar, who's making a lean towards the Baja kitchen at both Rivera and Playa, will run into October.

The packed house at Playa was buzzing about what I've called the best street cart in the world--Anthony Bourdain(La Guerrerense was featured on No Reservation Baja) agrees, and he would be in a good position to know. A diner arriving for her much anticipated meal by La Guerrerense squealed, "I can't wait for this, I've been wanting to try them forever."

Tostadas of sea urchin, cod, pate de pescado, tuna, and sea snail by La Guerrerense

There's still a chance to catch La Guerrerense tonight, and Tuesday before she heads back to Ensenada, and even if you went last night, expect the menu to be a little different as Sedlar will add his touches to the collaboration. Sedlar was mesmerized by the speed and efficiency of the pair of street food veterans as he ran into the kitchen to tell his chefs--"you guys could learn something here about moving your hands, that's all you gotta do." " These two are faster than my chefs." He also couldn't get them off the line--"they like to work."

Legendary homemade salsas by La Guerrerense at Playa

Coctel campechana with pismo clam, tuna, octopus, scallop, and shrimp

Chef John Sedlar with La Guerrerense

Come out and experience an amazing Mexican seafood tasting from the streets of Ensenada, a place that Newsweek just included in their 101 best places to eat on Earth. I for one am dining there every night, because I'd be a fool not to take advantage of this special occasion. See you there.  

7360 Beverly Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-5300

Chef John Sedlar with La Guerrerense, 9/16-9/18, 6pm-9pm