Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Paseo Chapin

My carne adovada was simple but delicious!

El Mercadito-the combination plate of savories.

Another look at the enchilada, chile relieno, tamalito de chipillin, rellenito & frijoles.

El gallo!!

We visited Paseo Chapin back in the fall for a passport class. This place is one of my favorite Guatemalan restaurants and the staff is always so warm and friendly.

Many in our group went with the combinations Gaute-linda, named after the previous Guatemalan restaurant that occupied this address, or the El Mercadito.I had the adovada, a classic dish that is quite scrumptious here at PC. All the antojitos were full of flavor and beautifully assembled.And, being a fan of all things frijole, I really like the frijoles volteados here.I managed to fit in a tamalito de chipilin, the aromatic herb that is the star in this tender and flavorful tamale.

My gallos, the Guatemalan beer called Famosa, were cold and clean as always.

Some complain about this part of town, MacArthur Park, but I love this place and its homey vibe. It has become much safer in this neighborhood in recent years, the only nuisance being solicited by illegal ID vendors. Plus, it's easily accessible from the MacArthur Park station on the Redline. That calls for more Gallos!Needless to say, the class enjoyed this spot.

Paseo Chapin
2220 W 7th St.
Los Angeles 90057
213 385-7420

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