Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hunan Seafood Restaurant

Don't "B" afraid, it's Chinese food!

"Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fishheads...."
The fish head casserole is a requisite course!

Cold chicken appetizer with special sauce.

Fat! That's right, toss fried fat.

The succulent lamb and Chairman Mao's own namesake dish.

I called in ringer on this one, my friend and host of monthly regional Chinese dinners, Michael Wong. I had been to his Hunan dinner at the previous location and remembered many of the dishes,but thought I'd let the master work.

We started out with the cold chicken appetizer with special sauce.Cold chicken was always because I was too lazy to warm it up, but this offering coupled with the special sauce set the bar high to start the evening. We pre-ordered the fish head casserole when I arrived to the confused waitress.She thought that when I called to make a reservation for 15 on April Fool's Day, that I was joking.So, she never put us on the book.Luckily, not many people were up for fish head casserole or fried fat on this pranksters holiday, so we found a table with ease.

Michael showed up and the Lazy Susan started to get a workout. We had the toss fried fat, the pork skin, the house special lamb, Chairman Mao's pork, Taiwan lettuce, and the fish head casserole. Michael and I were the only sickos at the table, so we were left alone to have at the fish cheeks and eyes.

Hunan cuisine is characterized by the presence of fresh chiles and for using all the parts:skin, fat, fish heads, not so desired by many due to its poor economy. From these delicacies comes an amazing cuisine full of delicious and creative concoctions.

A nearby table had a group of Chinese men celebrating something and were drinking giant Taiwanese beers, laughing at the top of there lungs, and turning redder by the swallow of adult beverage.I took there cue and ordered one for myself. Glad that this restaurant has resurfaced, an excellent choice in the SGV.

Hunan Seafood Restaurant
8772 E. Valley Blvd.
Rosemead, CA
(626) 289-8389

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