Thursday, May 15, 2008

more Brazil trip pix

Cachaca at Academia da Cachaca in Leblon, Rio.

Bolinhos de bacalhao com azeite de olivo e limao accomapnied by a cold Skol on Barra beach.

Coxinha de galinha com catupiry at Confeiteria Colombo.

Lunch is served! Pao Paulista at Mercado Municipal.

Shoppers at the Mercado full of energy, mortadela, and bacalhao.


Marcio Penna said...

Hi Bill,
Just found your blog and its review of São Paulo-Rio food.

Next time you're in SP, try Sujinho, a very good steak at a very nice price, and Pé-pra-fora, a real great place for feijoada and salgados.

And when in Rio, do yourself a favor and visit Cervantes (in downtown), the best sandwich in town and Bar do Mineiro (in Sta Tereza), another great feijoada and snack joint, with the friendliest service.

Me and a friend reviewed they (and much more) in our blog:

Lots of fancy places too, but we can't get enough of great street food!


streetgourmetla said...

Thanks for the recs.I just went to Bar do Mineiro back in March, awesome.The carne seca, abobora, and couve were amazing!!!! I'll check out your blog.