Monday, June 23, 2008

Aroma Cafe

Aroma cafe

The "burger of the future".Pljekavica!!!

When you call for reservations at Aroma Cafe, the only Bosnian restaurant in LA to my best knowledge, they ask,"are you calling the right place?"The Aroma Cafe name is shared by many throughout the greater Los Angeles area and doesn't exactly conjure up a Bosnian imagery, not that we would know what that was anyway.

Aroma Cafe is a destination full of surprises, the deli counter and fresh in house baked bread, and the shelves of familiar food items from the homeland.A little kajmak to go?

My dining class really enjoyed this place and many were pleasantly surprised by this humble and satisfying eatery.Evelyn very generously ordered the meza platter for all to sample.This included the Lukmira(cheese onion dip), Bosnian prosciutto,olives, and other scrumptuous items. Burek, the labyrinthian sculpture of filo pastry stuffed with spinach, another with cheese, were a huge success at our table.We shared the combo plate of pljeskavica(Bosian burger patty), cepavi, and shish kebabs.They were all made of ground beef, but each had a different spicing, Bosnian cooking uses many spices applied in small amounts.The pljekavica was dominated by the smack of onion, cepavi by garlic, and the shish kebab was more understated.

Aroma Cafe let us bring in our wine, a Hungarian vintage we found at the Trader Joe's down the street, thanks Jackie! It was called Bull's Blood, Goat's Blood, or something like that but it went just fine with our Eastern-European themed evening.

Several of the fine traditional desserts were sampled along with thick Turkish coffee elegantly served on ornate Turkish coffee cup and saucer.

Cafe Aroma serves classic Bosnian food that is delicious and quite affordable. Bosnian cuisine reflects the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian occupations in its unique fusion of east meets west, but 100% Bosnian.

Aroma Cafe
2530 Overland Av.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 836-2919


Barb Rolek said...

It's cevaps or cevapcici. If you're interested in Eastern European food, take a look at my site --

streetgourmetla said...

Hey, Bob, guess I missed this.I got the spelling for "cevaps" from the menu.I'll check out your site.Thanks.