Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nicaraguan comes to the Valley

Welcome to the nieghborhood, amigo.

Carne Asada Nicaraguense

Sweet and spicy pickled onions

Queso frito, maduro, y la carne

Nicaraguan Soda Roja

Finally, a Nicaraguan restaurant has come to the Valley, even better, right in my neck of the woods.Nica's Kitchen has been open for a little over a month, and they've got the Grand Opening sign to proove it.They are closed on Tuesdays, so Monday's menu is pretty basic.I went today and had the Carne Asada Nicaraguense:Carne asada, gallo pinto(rice and beans),platano maduro(plantains either sweet and soft or crispy),ensalada(very much like Salvadorean curtido), and queso frito all for $9.Cebollitas, the Nicaraguan spicy pickled onions were a sweet and hot condiment to accent. Everything was fantastic, and tasty with a variety of textures and temperatures to delight the senses. Crispy maduro, cold ensalada, and fried cheese beautifully placed atop the gallo pinto and carne asada.
On a previous visit I had their soulful cacao drink, which the owner said was similar to horchata.I had stumbled upon this place and wandered in; the owner insisted I try his cacao drink.This is our kind of place!Today I had the Soda Roja, a very sweet and unique tasting soda from Nicaragua.Nica's also has chancho asado(pork), brocheta de cerdo(pork skewers),pollo asado, and bistec encebollado daily, and from Wednesday through Sunday:Vigoron(yucca root w chicharron, chanco con yucca(pork ribs with yucca root), and sopa de mondongo(tripe).On the weekends you can get the famous nacatamal, and baho(a mixture of meat, plantains, and yucca cooked in banana leaves).
The restaurant is dedicated to comida Nicaraguense and presenting tipical dishes.This place is a hole in the wall and with fans blasting and no AC, I actually felt like I was in Nicaragua.A little hot and humid to go with my lunch.But, such a wonderful dive and one of my new favorites.Alcohol should be on its way, the owner said that he is working on it.There is also a mini-chain Salvadorean restaurant and panadaria located in this up and coming strip mall.

Nica's Kitchen
9AM-9PM daily(breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
closed Tuesdays
11640 Victory Bl.
North Hollywood,CA 90606

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