Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Los Tacos Coreanos son muy chido! Korean tacos hit LA

Eric, Roy, Mark, and Caroline from los tacos coreanos, Kogi

Korean tacos

short rib taco

Chef Roy Choi knows how to taco

Scrumptious beef and pork tacos the Korean way

I was invited to a private tasting by Abby, of the Pleasure Palate, to bear witness to the Korean taco revolution.Owners of Kogi BBQ, Mark Manguera and Caroline Shin-Manguera, chef Roy Choi, and photographer Eric Shin treated us like king and queens--about 6 of us previewed their new take on the taco truck.

Koreans have a a strong presence in Latin America--in Mexico they reside primarily in Baja, D.F., and the Yucatan. I wonder why this never happened in Mexico's capitol?

Our tasting consisted of the Kogi tacos: Korean short ribs, BBQ chicken, spicy pork, and tofu. Chef Choi also laid his Korean sliders on us since he was in the mood to try something new. Choi is serious, and combines Korean flavors and fresh ingredients to achieve a delicious end.

Chef Roy Choi is a committed chef and fellow foodie, gave us the low-down on his favorite known and unknown Korean restaurants in LA, and I'm not sharin'! Abby, better get there quick or I'll be writing it up before you:)

The young chef is working hard at this concept and constantly tinkering with ideas to improve, refine, and define this proposal. So--anyways--I'm in--I'm buying it. But, just think about it--an original Korean taco made from rice based tortilla so all that remains is a truly Korean taco.That's just my 2 pesos, along with some Korean style salsa and accompaniments bar. Habanero kimchi? Live octopus tacos? Korean tripas?

Come experience los tacos coreanos, at the Kogi BBQ Truck. Look for their locations by following them on twitter

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