Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fast food quesadillas

Las Quekas

Taco Bell has got it down.Put the packed pre-grated cheese blend in the tortilla, maybe add cubed rubber chicken or steak, and there you are.What, probably five minutes from ordering to your mouth?Places like Jerry's Famous take a little longer, maybe 15 minutes, gotta plate the canned salsa, and guacamole mix.

I was in TJ for the Tequila Expo back in October and watched a family set up their kitchen and deliver a homemade quesadilla preparada(prepared) within 15 minutes, not bad.

Guisados D.F. style at the Expo Tequila

Mom sets up the burner

The guisos are unpacked

No.1 daughter wipes down the comal de acero

No. 1 daughter strains a little used oil

No.1 son and no.2 daughter deliver more supplies in anticipation of dad's arrival

Dad lays out his guisos(stewed fillings)

The chicharron prensado is launched

Huitlacoche is slammed into a freshly made raw tortilla

The quesadillas slide into a hot oil bath

Ah, the technology of the comal!

No.1 and 2 daughters plate

“Numero uno, su orden esta...." Your order is ready, two homemade quesadillas preparadas of chicharron prensado and huitlacoche, exquisite and delicious.

Now, why can't fast food chains do that?Nothing to it.
Hope you enjoyed the show.It was even more fun being there, especially after 2 hours tasting tequila.

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