Thursday, July 23, 2009

They left their hearts in Tijuana, Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe

Tijuaneros at Villa Saverios.(Tijuana)

Starting a big day of culinary delights at Lorca.(Tijuana)

Javier Cabral rushes the exquisite tostada stand La Guerrerense.(Ensenada)

Tijuaneros at the Tijuana Craft Beer Festival feeling upbeat.(Tijuana)

It was a pleasure sharing some of my favorite Tijuana, Ensenada, and Valle de Guadalupe haunts with the writers, bloggers, and chefs on last weekend’s trip. Watching all the writers and chefs on this trip react to these experiences was a delicious reward. Lives were changed, concepts were reshaped, and all these experts in various disciplines found common ground. Baja is a place for exceptional food, uniquely Baja and Mexican. They became part of the community of locals eating this wonderful food. I encourage you to read their passionate and exciting reports. The writers are listed in my previous post.

At all the places we stopped curious and eager locals wanted to know about all the photographers and note takers. “What are you doing?” “We’re here to tell people in America that Baja is safe, and has some of the best food in Mexico.” “Gracias a ustedes”, they replied. The people of Baja have big city attitudes, but are so approachable. Walk up to a table and offer a toast. To the rain!

Baja memories!
Having Javier Plascencia garnish my swordfish taco, listening to chef Margarita Prieto talk about Spain, watching Ciudad’s Jeremy Tummel assemble his fish taco at El Fenix, getting waited on by Benito Molina, Sabina calling me “mijo” at La Guerrerense, hearing Hotel California in spanish at El Poblano from a troubador, watching tired bloggers and writers come alive at the sight of Victor Torres’ barbacoa pit at 8AM, Bricia Lopez and an Ensenadan dancing and frolicking in the rain at Silvestre,and watching everyone find a place for Baja in their hearts.

The many reasons to savor.
Abalone chorizo , machaca de marlin; pismo , chocolate, and reina clams; callos catalina, Cesar Salad, Clamato, the margarita, olives, Real del Castillo cheese, wine, venison, lamb, manta ray, octopus, sea cucumber, kumamoto oysters, quail, sea urchin, blue fin tuna, abalone, cazon(dogfish), olive oil, chiltepin jam, jalapeno marmalade, local beers,spiny lobster,mussels,shrimp,damianaa, salicornia, rockot, yellowtail, locally raised meats, shellfish, a variety of fresh fish, and all other Mexican products found all over the country.

Baja Med cuisine, Mexicali’s Chinese cuisine,Ensenada’s alta cocina, Valle de Guadalupe cuisine, Tijuana cuisine, Baja Japanese,regional Mexican cuisine(especially Sinaloa, Sonora, and Michoacan), and superb international restaurants including Spanish,Argentine, Brazilian, French, Italian, and there’s even a moroccan restaurant in the Valle de Guadalupe.

It’s a place of magic, adventure, and relaxation. Come dine in Tijuana, eat on the street, have a seat at a restaurant in the gastronomic zone, try something you’ve never had before.Visit the iconic stands and Benito Molina's restaurants in Ensenada, and sip wine with Mexican cheese in the Valle de uadalupe. I guarantee you that wherever they are at this moment, the people that came on this trip are thinking about Baja. It’s an addiction and the only cure is just a short trip down Highway 5. Get yourself to Tijuana, Ensenada, and the Valle de Guadalupe, it’s too good to miss.

The hunter, diver,farmer and fishermen, Miguel Angel Guerrero of La Querencia.(Tijuana)

At La Villa del Tabaco, Tania always serves expressos with a smile.(Tijuana)

Gigliola, David, and Anthony keep things tight at Muelle Tres.(Ensenada)

The beautiful people of Ensenada enjoy tacos at El Fenix.(Ensenada)

Mariachis at La Vuelta.(Tijuana)

My swordfish pibil and beef cheeks tacos personally plated by Javier Plascencia at Campestre restaurant at Vina Liceaga.(Valle de Guadalupe)

Javier Plascencia of Villa Saverios and Campestre with Ramiro Arvizu of La Casita.(Valle de Guadalupe)

Victor Torres of Barbacoa Ermita digs for some mutton consume.(Tijuana)

A family at Tacos Salceados is curious about all the photographers and excited to hear Americans saying good things about their beloved city.

Benito Molina says," Hey, I used to be a waiter, so no problem."(Valle de Guadalupe)

Benito Molina entertains at Silvestre.(Valle de Guadalupe)

Bricia Lopez of Pal Cabron and Guelaguetza restaurants falls in love with Baja.

Bloggers at Silvestre.(Valle de Guadalupe)

The LA bloggers, writers, chefs, and restauranteurs learn about wine making at Vina Liceaga.(Valle de Guadalupe)

Dedicated to the people of Tijuana, Ensenada, and the Valle de Guadalupe.


Noah said...

Very nice, Bill. I'm already wistful.

streetgourmetla said...

I feel your pain. I'm actually missing our whole group. Hope we can do it again.Another part of Mexico, Brazil, Cuba?

gourmetpigs said...

Aww nice photos. The memories *sigh*
I miss everything already, the place, the food, and of course the people.

streetgourmetla said...

Bururum.Makes me smile ear to ear hearing you say that. We will be going back.

Unknown said...

The food looks delicious. I love authentic Mexican food. You can't get better Mexican food than what you eat in Mexico.
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