Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tijuana's 8th Annual Sushi Fest, this Sunday, May 16

This Sunday, May 16th, the 8th Annual Sushi Festival at the Centro Comercial Pueblo Amigo in Tijuana's Zona Rio. The event, put on by CANIRAC, Tijuana's restaurant association, runs from 12pm-6pm. The event is free and open to the public.

I attended the event last year, and have been closely watching the increase in the presence of Japanese cuisine in northern Mexico. At current, there are around 45 Japanese restaurants in Tijuana, and the greatest center of Japanese restaurants and people is in nearby Mexicali.

This event is organized with support from Tijuana's Japanese Association, presided by Horatio Korakura.

Tijuana Beer will be on hand to keep everyone cool and happy, in addition to the Baja style Japanese food.

That means sushi rolls. And, Mexicans are very fond of sushi rolls with avocado and Philadelphia cream cheese. No, these aren't traditional Japanese, but a style of Japanese cuisine developed in Baja. Don't be afraid to put some Tapatio sauce on your Tijuana roll.

Last year the sukiyaki line was very popular, so much so that I didn't get to sample it.

Teriyaki is also a local favorite. When it comes to Japanese food , Mexicans prefer thee simpler tastes of these well known eats.

There will be dancing,exhibitions of Karate and kimonos, a Bonzai tree lesson, local restaurants and beverages, and a chance to experience the Baja-Japanese tradition.

Admission is FREE

8th Annual Sushi Fest
Sunday, May 16
Centro Comercial Pueblo Amigo
011-52-664-682-8744 for info.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. 'The majority of Baja Japanese come from Canton', as in... mainland China Canton?

streetgourmetla said...

OOOppps.That was an error, and it has been corrected. Thanks Tomo!