Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Javier Plascencia to Reopen the Birthplace of the Caesar's Salad, Cesar's Restaurant on July 24 on Revolucion Ave in Downtown Tijuana

On Saturday, July 24, the first major project to revitalize the infamous Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana will open its doors. The world famous Caesar's restaurant had shuttered its doors a few years ago during the economic crisis that hit Tijuana due to much undeserved bad press, and the new passport requirements that also discouraged visitors. The restaurant had also been declining due to years of neglect and poor management.

Caesar's Restaurant is the birthplace of the legendary Caesar's salad.This salad is on the menus of restaurants throughout the world, but not many are aware that it was created in Tijuana.

Although it is attributed to Caesar's restaurant owner Caesar Alex Cardini on July 4th 1924 during a busy weekend at the resturant which had left them with few ingredients to serve a hungry customer,Livio Santini, a chef at Caesar's restaurant claimed that he had invented the recipe, and Caesar had taken it from him.

There are other stories too, but no matter whose story you choose to believe, the Caesar's salad is a delicious classic loved worldwide.

This weekend at Tijuana's 39th Fish and Seafood Festival put on by Cotuco, the Plascencia Group was serving up the salad to promote this coming weekend's grand opening.

Baja Chef and restaurateur, Javier Plascencia took me by the restaurant to get a glimpse of the new Caesar's Restaurant. He has gone to great lengths to restore it to its original condition as it was in 1927 when it opened on Av. Revolucion.

Final touches were being added to the entrance.

And, a whole team of workers are working around the clock in preparation for this coming Saturday. As soon as I saw the bar, I envisioned what Tijuana must have been like during the years of prohibition, when Al Capone, Bing Crosby, and southern Californians crossed the border to have a drink.

During prohibition, Tijuana and Havana where the places to be.

This restaurant could tell a thousand tales.

The restaurant will feature the Caesar's salad, and other recipes from that era. Table side service will be a hallmark of Caesar's Restaurant Bar.

Come and experience Tijuana in the roaring twenties and the thirties, when service and style came with your meal.

The grand opening event will also feature live music.

Ceasar's Restaurant and Bar, Grand Opening
Av. Revolucion, between 3rd and 4th.
Tijuana, BC, Mexico

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Kathy Diaz (found baking) said...

I am embarrassed to admit that I did not know Caesar Salad was invented in Tijuana. This post just educated me with a little bit of food history.