Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jonathan Gold's 2nd Annual Union Station Speakeasy Fundraiser for the Zocalo Public Square-October 9,2010


The party kicks off at 7PM

I have been a Zocalo Public Square supporter ever since I attended my first talk titled The Mexican Restaurant, moderated by Jonathan Gold a couple of years back.

The Zocalo Public Square strives to connect people to ideas and to each other in an open,accessible,non-partisan and broad minded spirit. Their free talks feature everything from politics, to the environment, to finance, and yes, food and drink.

That is the reason to support this non-profit, a vital part of LA's cultural scene, but the reason to come to this fundraiser is that it's one of the best parties in town. Program director Dulce Vasquez is all business with that clipboard, but the blue cocktail dress is puro pari(100% party). The team at Zocalo knows how to mix business and pleasure.

It was also my first chance to talk with Mr. Jonathan Gold himself, free from the usual horde of bloggers and food scenesters.For those of you who primarily cover sponsored events, it's not such a big deal to pay for one of these every now and then, I mean it's the Zocalo. This is an organization that we should stand behind. The only bloggers in the LA scene that laid down the coin for last year's fundraiser were Jo of My Last Bite, Neil of Food Marathon, Sara of the Delicious Life, the Zocalo's official one woman promotional team. I must say, that I did get some discount tickets that night courtesy of Brian Saltsburg through Pleasure Palate, who I met for the first time that evening.I also met the lovely Kat Odell at the Speakeasy,and got to hang out with Bricia Lopez of Pal Cabron, we'd only met a few months before. what a great night!

You still may say to yourself, oh, that's too much money.I have a simple formula for these types of functions, first off, I can consume the ticket price in drinks alone,as easy as falling off a log, and oh did I. The food was great, too, perfect to anchor my alcohol intake. I was drinking,meeting all sorts of interesting folks,and enjoying cocktails made by some of the best mixologists in town up until there were about only 15 of us left. That included the Zocalo staff and Jonathan Gold, who always manages to close a place down.

And, I'll have to say that, I've had a pretty exciting year as a blogger since the last Zocalo Speakeasy, and I can't help but think that this event was part of that success, certainly through the connections I made. It's kind of like throwing a coin in the fountain, it brings good fortune. Support the Zocalo and let the good Karma begin.

I arrived early last year eager to dig into what was at the time for me, brand new. The New Coktailians. This is the title given to the invigorated Los Angeles cocktail scene by Mr. Gold himself,that is drawing attention all over the US and on an international level. Los Angeles is where it's at for bar hopping.

The first drink of the evening took place at the absinthe station, where I enjoyed the newly liberated absinthe, and a glass of champagne with an absinthe foam.

And then I had all of this!The Rye Manhattan was my favorite of the night.

This year, some of the best bars in LA will be serving their signature cocktails:Cana,Cole's Red Car Bar,Las Perlas,Rivera, and Seven Grand.

The food will be served by:Comme Ca,First and Hope,Grace,Jar,Lazy Ox Canteen,Providence,Rustic Canyon,and Susan Feniger's Street.

This party has everything:premium cocktails, the best chefs in LA, a great crowd,witty conversation, and dancing.

This event is comfortable, a chance to talk to the Zocalo staff, the chefs and bartenders, and even Mr. Gold himself. My first real encounter with J. Gold was a pleasant experience, just as I would have hoped. I also met one of my best friends here, Jo Stourgaard of My Last Bite.It was a beautiful evening.

So, get into the swing of things and dig up your best vintage attire, and plan to stay a while. Imbide, feast, chat, and dance the night away in support of one of Los Angeles' most valuable organizations.

I plan on being there, too. I'll be the one passed out on the last subway train to the NoHo Redline station.

For more information go to the event's website:
Union Station Speakeasy
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2010 | 7:00PM

General Admission Tickets=$185, click here to purchase

Non-Profit Employee Rate=$150, click here to purchase

Young Professional's Rate(Must be under 30 yrs of age)=$125, click here to purchase

Click here for corporate packages

If you would like to purchase tickets
by check, the mailing address is:
5042 Wilshire Blvd. #288
Los Angeles, CA 90036

For more information
please call (213)381-2541


MyLastBite said...

I was going to post photos from LAST year's party... but they are mostly DRUNK photos of myself!

Such a fun event, even if I don't remember the second half... but I did get to meet YOU Bill, so happy anniversary! xo

streetgourmetla said...

Happy Anniversary, Jo! See you Saturday.