Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Los Angeles Magazine:November 2010 Edition of Mexican Food in LA feat. Street Gourmet LA + 5th Annual Culinary Extravaganza Sunday, October 24

I am proud to have contributed to the Los Angeles Magazine's November Issue, featuring Mexican Food in LA.I remember not too long after I first moved to Los Angeles, picking up LA Magazine's Mexican Restaurant Issue many years ago thinking how fun would that be to play around with an issue of LA Magazine?

With the support and encourangement of Lesley Barger Suter, and the Los Angeles Magazine team, my wish came true, as a consultant and taco tour guide for the November 2010 Issue.Lesley and I had a blast!

In the issue, you'll discover new dishes to explore in LA, to which I had quite a say in, meet the top chefs,check out Patrick Kuh's new Top 10 Mexican restaurants,join Lesley and I for a taco crawl around the city,and find plenty of other restaurant picks to explore.

There's something for everyone in this issue, everything from the streets of Boyle Heights to fine Mexican Cuisine to the greasy combo plates of the Mexican-American margarita joints.

Grab a copy at your local news stand, or sign up online.

I'm going to celebrate this Sunday,October 24th from 1-4PM,at the Los Angeles Magazine 5th Annual Culinary extravaganza,at the Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu.

The Food Event General Admission Ticket with $5, one-year Los Angeles magazine subscription: $100

Buy tickets here

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