Sunday, February 27, 2011

Street Food Mondays is back! Monday, February 28, Antojitos de mi Abuelita presents a night of Comida Corrida

Antojitos de mi Abuelita at the annual Mole a Mole festival at Olvera St.

Street Food Mondays was started by Evan Kleiman and I to bring street food to the underserved barrios of the West Side of LA. The holidays have passed and it's time to fatten up with Mexico City style comida corrida.

Comida corrida is a traditional 3-course meal served at the comida, the big meal of the day served at mid-afternoon. Since this is America and we have our big meal at dinner, it seemed natural to do this event as a dinner.

Oaxacan mole negro, from Hortencia Hernandez.

Comida corrida is an economical meal in Mexico City, but doesn't exist in that form here in LA, outside of restaurants like La Casita Mexicana.Cheap food,real estate, and labor costs, plus local sourcing of exotic ingredients keep the price down in Mexico City. We have comida economica, where all the food is placed on one plate, usually with rice and beans, and with simpler main courses,but tonight's dinner is a 3-course flight to one of Mexico City's greatest traditions.

The price for this event,$28 for 3-course meal, plus complimentary tortillas, an agua fresca, and a dessert; reflects the cost of some ingredients brought here from Mexico for this event like the huauzontle, sometimes referred to as Aztec spinach.There are also labor intensive dishes like handmade moles with many ingredients, that make this a must-eat event.

A clayuda from Mi Abuelita.

This event features some of the best Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles, a true gourmet experience and comida casera, home cooking.

Pueblan mole verde, a featured menu item for tomorrow's event.

Come out and treat yourself to a taste of Mexican comfort.

Street Food Mondays#5
Date:Monday, February 28,2011
Place:Angeli Caffe
7274 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Credit Cards Accepted
$28 a person for 3-course meal including complimentary handmade tortillas, an agua fresca, and a dessert
Beer and Wine available for purchase

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Anonymous said...

Hi SGLA! Will this be happening again this year? Sounds amazing. Or was it just a one time thing?

streetgourmetla said...

Hello anonymous. We did several of these but we've been busy with so many things, but Evan and I will do this again. Stay tuned.