Monday, June 13, 2011

Guatemalan Street Food,MacArthur Park,LA-Locals Hoof it on Over After Work for the $3.50 Special

Most street food on LA is Mexican, and Mexican-American, even with all the new trucks, but MacArthur Park is where Central-Americans hustle.Everything from clothes, to cell phone gear, to shady malls hidden from the casual pedestrian, to fake ID's, to street eats.

On 8th and Alvarado there's always a cluster of people huddled around a couple of shopping carts, that are actually mobile kitchens featuring Guatemalan cuisine. There are sometimes 3 vendors after 5:30PM during the week only, this is for the Central-American blue collar crowd, a bite before catching the bus homeward.

The plates go for $3.50, all-inclusive. The carne guisada, a stewed beef with squash, beans, carrots, and a tomato broth is a steal, store-bought corn tortillas and a side of rice are included.

It's a good version of a rather simple plate, hearty and well-seasoned.

Even better is the pacaya rellena, egg-battered bamboo shoots covered with a tomato sauce, accompanied by beans and rice with ample tortillas thrown in. This is the Guatemalan version of the chile relleno without that Mexican heat; they also offer ejotes rellenos, egg-battered green beans.

But the real prize here is the sopa de pata, beef hoof soup. It is $3.50 as well as all plates here, packed with green beans, carrots, cilantro, chayotes, cabbage and a flavorful beef broth made silky by fatty oils.

And yes there is actually some beautiful hoof to be had, you can chew the soft meat from the coarse bone with devious delight.

Monday through Friday, you can enjoy delicious meals out within the most tight of budgets, not an easy feet these days.

Guatemalan Street Food
evenings after 5:30PM Mon-Fri.


Meathief said...

Devious Delight - that is the perfect way to describe eating beef hoof stew - succulent!!

Food GPS said...

I'll have to hoof it over to MacArthur Park for a plate of pacaya rellena. Good discovery.

streetgourmetla said...

Thanks, Meathief!

Foodgps, hoof it to the park.