Tuesday, July 5, 2011

East LA Meets Napa 2011,Friday,July 8th at Union Station: Celebrating the Flavors of Michoacan

A purepecha woman prepares lunch over an open fire in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan

On June 22, 2011 I was invited to lunch with Castulo de La Rocha,President and CEO of Alta Med,for a preview of East LA Meets Napa, The Flavors of Michoacan, on Friday July 8th.The reason to highlight Michoacan Castulo stated?, "Many of the Latino wine makers in Napa have roots in Michoacan.They came to Napa as part of the Bracero program which brought Mexican laborers to the US starting in 1942.This was established between Mexico and the US to meet America's labor shortage during World War II.

East LA Meets Napa is the premier Latino food event in Los Angeles that reflects a color,flavor, and spice of our local multicultural blend. It's where the movers and shakers of LA's Latino business and lifestyle move and shake to the sounds of mariachi, cumbia, and son.Our best East LA restaurants, Los Angeles originals, get together with the Latin winemakers for hot night at Union Station. Bring your dancing shoes.Get your tickets here.

About Alta Med
Alta Med has delivered quality care to the underserved communities of Southern California for more than 40 years! The proceeds of this event go towards helping those without proper health care, which is even more important during these tough economic times. Not only will you be attending the best party in town, you'll be indulging for a worthy cause. For more information on Alta Med go to their website.

At the preview, Jimmy Shaw made his mole verde, Michoacan style. Jimmy's Loteria Grill will be there along with Hugo Molina of Seta, local favorites Cook's Tortas and Dorados, and Phlight restaurant.At the preview lunch each of these restaurants played on the Michoacanan theme, and there will even be a woman there presenting traditional Michoacanan cuisine. Be sure to look her up, I have something put aside for me, hands off!

In all there are around 30 participating restaurants, and about the same number of wineries.

Famous Mexican chef of Izote restaurant in DF and cookbook author,Patricia Quintana was an honoree last year at East LA Meets Napa.

John Sedlar and I delivered invitations last year in person to Baja wineries,they were a big hit and the good news is they're back.Look for Vinedos Malagon, Vinisterra, Adobe Guadalupe,Cavas Valmar, L.A. Cetto, and Bodegas San Rafael at this year's event.So, grab a glass.

Mix and mingle under the Los Angeles skyline at DTLA's historic Union Station.

Sing along to the mariachis, that's how us Mexicans karaoke.

Put on your red shoes and dance.....

And, enjoy the Flavors of Michoacan at East LA Meets Napa, Latino LA's night of fine food and drink.Viva Michoacan!!

East LA Meets Napa
Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles
July 8, 2011
6:00 p.m.
Ticket prices
$125 pre-sale before June 3
$150 June 4 - June 30
$200 July 1 - July 8

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