Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Angeli Caffe extends closing to Jan. 13th, and a few words from Ruth Reichl on the Shuttering of one of LA's Most Influential Restaurants

An e-mail was received announcing that Angeli Caffe would remain open until Jan. 13th due to the high demand of reservations that came after last week's news that the famed restaurant was closing after 27 years.

Thank You so much for the outpouring of incredible love at the news of our impending closing. It's like being dipped in a pool of sweetness.

Because of the huge demand and an attempt to avoid overbooking we will be open another week - Friday, the 13th is our last night now (perfect, right?). See our website for hours.

And don't forget. We're OPEN FOR LUNCH
and just like the name of the show - NO RESERVATIONS AT LUNCH - just roll on in TUESDAY - FRIDAY 11:30am - 2pm
We're also taking orders for Delivery and Take Out starting at 10am


And Thank You Very Much!

-Angeli Caffe

Ruth Reichl on Angeli Caffe

Former editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine, Ruth Reichl, who had just joined the Los Angeles Times as restaurant critic and food editor in 1984(the year Angeli Caffe opened) had this to say about Angeli Caffe and Evan Kleiman.

SGLA:What will Angeli Caffe's place be in the history of California's restaurant scene, and in Italian cuisine in America?

RR: It's hard to remember now, but when Angeli opened nobody was doing that kind of food in the US. Marcella Hazan said it was the most authentic place she'd been - high praise from someone who doesn't hand it out lightly. I think I was in love with it from the first bite, the spare simplicity of the food. (I also remember people complaining bitterly about the lasagna, which was not rich or cheesy enough for American tastes.)

SGLA: What is you fondest memory of Angeli Caffe?

RR: I have so many fond memories - for years it was our default restaurant. I guess my favorite memories are going there when Nick was a baby, and just setting him on the table while we ate.

SGLA: How has Evan influenced the Italian restaurants, and cooking in general in the past 27 years?

RR: The restaurant - and Evan were both enormously influential. The success of the Angelis inspired so much imitation.

And don't underestimate the influence of Evan's books. Cucina Fresca is still one of my favorite go-to cookbooks, and it's basically Angeli between covers. The restaurant will be gone, but at least we'll have that.

Come out any enjoy Angeli Caffe until Jan. 13th.

Angeli Caffe
7274 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046-7667
(323) 936-9086

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