Friday, September 21, 2012

Chef Benito Molina at Playa: September 23-25

Fried abalone, Manzanilla style

The Baja series continues at Playa with the original Ensenada flavors of Chef Benito Molina. Molina will be in the kitchen at Chef John Sedlar's Playa restaurant from Sunday, September 23rd through Tuesday, September 25th serving up the finest Baja products in dishes like his clever fried abalone, Manzanilla style, which shall become your ultimate version of fish and chips.

Molina is internationally renowned for his minimalist cooking style, in which the superior Baja products define the dish. A mind blowing 12-course tasting at Manzanilla just a few months back is still fresh on my palate, so prepare yourself for another iconic taste of Baja hosted by America's leading high Baja cuisine supporter: Chef John Sedlar.

Benito Molina at Playa
September 23-25, dinner service
7360 Beverly Bl.

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