Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catch Me this Saturday, 3/23 in My First Gig as TV Host of Travel Channel's Street Eats: USA

Street Eats: USA airs this Saturday at 3PM, with the Los Angeles segment hosted by yours truly

This all started with a Skype audition to be the L.A. host of a new Travel Channel show called Street Eats: USA, in which I went up against local talent--well over a year ago. After weeks of auditions, Minneapolis based, Tremendous Entertainment (they produce Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern) decided to go with me.

Just over a year ago, I taped for two days in Los Angeles, from East L.A. to South L.A. to the SGV to Hollywood to La Brea, covering street food from all over the spectrum of L.A.'s amazing international cultures, in which I also curated much of the program--additional choices were added by Tremendous, and there were some segments shot with just narration. I have no idea how the show has been edited, but judging by the clip above--I will guide viewers through the L.A. street food scene, and then the show will move on to another city.

I had a great time working on this, and am thrilled to have graduated to host--even if only for a segment of one show. The rest of Street Eats: USA will feature other parts of the country, all shot with local hosts.

Up until now I've been a good Robin, to a range of Batmen--Zimmern is Batman, Dark Knight Edition--but, now I can truly say--"I'm Batman." Please tune in, and tell me what you think.
Thanks to the wonderful crew at Tremendous Entertainment for everything!

Street Eats: USA
Saturday, March 23  
Travel Channel


Anonymous said...

Good job!

gastronomer said...

Proud of you, Bill! Really proud.