Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cuy Alert! Chef Walther Adrianzen's "Fried Peruvian Cuy" Pop-Up is Tomorrow, Sunday, March 15 in Rosemead

Andrew Zimmern is always ready for some cuy

Cuy (guinea pig) was a ceremonial Andean dish that's now available for the common folk of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia--tomorrow it will be in Rosemead for a special Fried Peruvian Cuy pop-up by Chef Walther Adrianzen of C-v-chē Restaurant.

You'd have to head to South America, or jackass all over the Ecuadorean community haunts in New York to find this, but it's a rare treat in Los Angeles--something you'll not want to miss.

The details

Cuy is a cultural dish in Peru, Ecuador too, and it's fine dining at Astrid y Gaston by chef Gaston Acurio

Cuy in Peru, and on Sunday, March 15, 2015, it's coming to Rosemead, CA

Cuy Pop-Up with Chef Walther Adrianzen of C-V-CHE, Sunday March 15, 9061 Marshall St., Rosemead, Starts at 2pm, reservations:, prices: $25-$60 cash only

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