Saturday, May 9, 2015

Donde Comer, May 8, 2015: Bill Esparza's Weekend Restaurant Picks, Los Angeles

In order to be of better service you readers, I'm starting this weekly series of restaurant picks. Some will be links from my blog here; some will be from my posts in Los Angeles Magazine, and whatever else comes across my desk at the Street Gourmet LA headquarters here in Hollywood, CA. Here are three spots I recommend for you to try this weekend.

Los Angeles

Flor de Yucatan Bakery

Frijol con puerco, the Monday special at Flor de Yucatan Bakery

Was texting my good friend Bill--another Bill--about where to eat in Cancun, and not only sent a recommendation but picked dishes off the menu for his order via text, including relleno negro. Technology! I was reminded of all the great weekend specials at Flor de Yucatan Bakery. Hey, they've been around since 1971.

1800 S Hoover St., Los Angeles, (213) 748-6090, 

Guiños Homemade Gorditas and Soups

Delicious flour gorditas at Guiños

Have you ever tried gorditas made with wheat flour? Not only does this Coahuila-style restaurant have these amazing antojitos, but it's home to some of the best Northern Mexican soups in Los Angeles.

2667 E Florence Ave. Ste B, Huntington Park, (323) 489-8678

Rocio's Mexican Kitchen

Taco de cazuela topped with beef tongue in salsa verde

If you're in town this weekend, head to Bell Gardens for the new restaurant by chef Rocio Camacho, Rocio's Mexican Kitchen. Camacho is on her own at this new spot and getting down, doing the kind of cooking I'd always hoped she'd do, to up the heat and flavor. She's cooking 100% the way she wants, and is also having a little fun with the menu.

You can read more about Rocio's Mexican Kitchen in my post on Los Angeles Magazine's Digest blog.      

7891 Garfield Ave., Bell Gardens, (562) 659-7800

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