Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Ultimate Guide to Regional Mexican Cuisine in L.A. on First We Feast

Ever since Pulitzer Prize winning L.A. Times Food Critic, Jonathan Gold, wrote in a 2007 LA Weekly post that L.A. practically has every region in Mexico represented with the exception of Chiapas, many other writers around the country have assumed this to be gospel. This was never true, and at the time, the article even mentioned regions that were not represented at all, as some of the restaurants counted were not regional restaurants.

So, from this day forward, consider the record corrected in The Essential Guide to Regional Mexican Food in Los Angeles, a post I recently did for First We Feast. And while we don't have all regions represented, our depth goes beyond provincial dishes, making Los Angeles second to none in the U.S.

East L.A. Independence Day Parade

I hope you enjoy the guide and get a chance to dig in to all these delicious regional gems in Los Angeles, the second largest Mexican city in the world.