Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Review w/pics:Captain Beefheart!LA's anticucheria peruana!

Anticucheria Danessi

Anticucho de corazon, papas, y choclo

aji para acompanar

Good hearted family fun

Quick, to the anticucho mobile!

If I were a cow donating my organs to a cause culinaire, I would want Anticucheria Danessi to be the recipient. LA's first anticucheria, as they advertise, has brought peruvian street food indoors in a delightful family restaurant located in Norwalk.To some, a peruvian restaurant dedicated to serving beef organs in a family atmosphere might be as avant garde as the iconic Captain Beefheart, but the beef hearts here are ready for primetime.

Anticuchos are made from everything these days, but organs meats are the truest expression of the peruvian skewers.I ordered the anticuchos de corazon(beef hearts), with choclo(corn on the cob)and papas(potatoes).The anticuchos were like Morton's on a stick,tender marinated beef hearts with the classic vinegary and peppery flavor of street anticuchos.Mine were medium, just the perfect amount of pink in the center, mouthful after mouthful loaded with deep flavor..A spicy aji accented so nicely and the Cristal completed this hearty meat,corn and potato celebration.Danessi has grilled pancita(buche),choncholi(tripe),higado(liver) and rachi(honeycomb tripe)too!Gotta come back for that. There are also the saltados, chaufas,picantes,tallarines,ceviches,sudados, and jaleas that we are quite familiar with and a caldo de gallina.It all looked wonderful, and "sonrisas peruanas" were all around.

There was a huge group howling with laughter in the main room, and several families and couples enjoying anticuchos and traditional plates amidst an amusing and homey decor.Their slogan:venga a saborear la pancita,rachi,choncholi, y los mejores anticuchos de California.So, bring the wife and kids out for some skewered organs,you won't regret it.

Anticucheria Danessi
14531 S. Pioneer Bl.
Norwalk, CA 90650
sun-thurs 10-10
fri-sat 10-11:30
closed mondays


SinoSoul said...

no love for this post. so sad... Norwalk used to be part of my hood too.

streetgourmetla said...

Yeah, surprising. Well, I guess it's our little secret.The anticuchos are to die for here.