Friday, October 10, 2008

Closed-SFV gets a regional Mexican restaurant! Don Huarache

Don Huarache, bienvenidos a NoHo

Oye, the barbacoa sign is blocking the expresso machine

sopes de chicharron prensado and tinga de res

The delicacy-chicharron prensado

antojitos estilo D.F.

I happened upon Don Huarache the other day heading towards home on Burbank Bl. when I
saw the grand opening sign and "estilo D.F." ad.I walked in and talked with the chef, a recent arrival from just outside D.F.,to discover that we now have the first serious Mexican food restaurant in the Valley.Homemade chicharron prensado!!!!! That's right.

Don Huarache makes sopes, quesadillas preparadas(real quesadillas),and huaraches estilo D.F.(their specialty) to order with tinga de pollo(spicy chicken), tinga de res(spicy beef), chicharron prensado(pressed chicharron),hongos(mushrooms),picadillo,chorizo, queso y frijol(cheese and bean), and asada.Pambazos, tortas Mexicanas, tortas Cubanas,tacos, and cemitas.They have comida corrida(complete meals with rice, soup,agua fresca,tortillas,and a dessert.Don Huarache makes alambres and has an al a carte menu of classic dishes like bistec encebollado and camarones a la diabla.Breakfasts of real huevo ranchero and other egg classics are $4.25 a plate.On the weekends barbacoa de borrego with salsa borracha and homemade menudo.All of this wonderful food crafted by the gentleman from D.F. from scratch including the chicharron prensado(parts, fat, and chicharrones all pressed together), something I haven't even come across in East LA.

Don Huarache look as though it started out as a Starbuck's or the like, and made a left turn and plastered hand written menus all over the walls, as if to say, yeah, enough of this fresa %$#@, this is street food, man!But, they do serve expresso,coffee, and cappuccino and have some nice machines to deliver this service.How about a sundae?They do that too.An Icee?Right here.

I stopped today for a sope of chicharron prensado and another of tinga de res.The chicharron prensado was unreal, so balanced in flavor and just blended beautifully with the crema, lettuce, beans, and cheese.The tinga was spicy and oozing with complex tastes.I'm officially blown away.The agua de tamarindo was fresh and authentic, for a change.No instant powdered nonsense.

SFV Mexican food lovers rejoice, we now have a true destination for authentic Mexican.Real food made by a chilango that aims for quality and sabor.Joana, a nice Guatemalteca was working today, made my sopes, but she assured me that "el morenito es el cocinero que cocina toda!"These people care about their food and know how to treat their customers.Next, the menudo, the barbacoa, and huevo ranchero that uses ranchero sauce, not the house salsa.Hooray!

Don Huarache
10719 Burbank Bl.(just east of Vineland)
North Hollywood,CA
Mon-Thurs 8-9
Friday-saturday 8-10
Sunday 9-6

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