Monday, December 29, 2008

Kosher dude!A Shawarma Truck

Street shawarma with Israeli salad and hummus

shawarma at the place

Hamakom(the place)

Eldad and the boys busy at work

After pestering Eldad, the owner of the only Glatt Kosher Shawarma truck in LA for the past week, I finally got to have a bite this evening.On my way to a Christmas party last week I spotted the "Place Mobile Grill" trailer parked on Zelzah, just south of Ventura Bl. in Tarzana.I was noticing many Israeli restaurants in the area, some which I hadn't noticed before, but this truck.It is the nicest looking truck I've seen, painted with a circus-like design.It's actually a trailer tied to a truck, but I'm callin' it a truck.

Hamakom(the place, metaphorically speaking), also called the Place Mobile Grill, had closed down a couple of days due to Chanukah, but was back in action tonight.They have a website to let you know where they will be located, , but it's not working yet.In the meantime you can call Eldad, at 888-510-5552.It's great, you call and follow the prompts expecting to get an automated response, and then on comes Eldad.For now they are on Zelzah, south of Ventura Bl. on the east side of the street.I believe they are out there daily 'til about 9PM or 10PM.

The menu is extensive with salads, different shawarma plates(traditional and non-traditional), borekas, shishliks, paninis, all Glatt Kosher.I had the shwarma plate tonight with an Israeli salad and hummus.A little pita on the side.This was a pleasurable street meal served from a real rotisserie, with fresh ingredients, and excellent flavor.I'm no shawarma expert, but this find is another reason why I Love LA.

Hamakom(The Place Mobile Grill)
Zelzah, just south of Ventura Bl. in Tarzana

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streetgourmetla said...

Dear Anonymous, please repost without the advertisement.

Thanks for the spelling correction on shawarma.Appreciate it.

Hummus is all over the Meditteranean, like Italian pizza has spread around the world and been adopted by many cuisines. I have no problem with attacks on me, or my positions, but hummus is not political, nor will I accept the bashing of a culture's cuisine on this blog.

This post is about a truck, not the origins of hummus, which is a silly topic, since it predates the modern states of the Middle East.I respect all cuisines from a cultural standpoint, although I do prefer some over others.

I want to encourage all comments positive and negative, and enjoy healthy discourse, but let's be openminded, there is only good and bad food afterall.