Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mariscos El Mazateño: Camaron Enchilado, Sinaloa's gift to Tijuana.

Gobbling up tacos de camaron enchilado at Mariscos El Mazateño

The taqueros

Always packed with Tijuanenses, aficionados de tacos

Reporting live from the Villa del Tabaco cigar lounge on Revolucion in Tijuana, this is a taco story that couldn't wait.

Mariscos El Mazateño is a Sinaloan-style taqueria located in the northern Tijuana barrio of Tomas Aquino.It's signature item is the Mazateña, or the camaron enchilado. Their glistening, fried shrimp taco spiced with chile de arbol and other secret spices is out of this world. All the tacos here are outstanding--the perron, a fried sea bream and shrimp taco, tacos de marlin, or marlin and melted cheese are both worth ordering if you still have room--you will try, that's for sure. The tostadas are outstanding--there's tuna fin soup (aleta), and manta ray(cahuamanta), aguachiles served in molcajetes, and the estofado de aleta (tuna fin stew) are a gastronomes dream come true.

The menu

The family that runs Mariscos El Mazateño hails from Guamuchil, Sinaloa, and have made this taqueria the place for camaron enchilado tacos in Tijuana for about 7 years.These tacos are dressed with fine shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, crema, and a spicy green salsa that combine with the lusty shrimp to deliver a rich and with devastatingly, delicious flavor. This place--along with Tacos Salceados--is required eating in Tijuana.

Consomé de camaron on the house

They start you out with a consomé de camaron that is deep in flavor despite its humble serving vessel--a Styrofoam cup--it's delicious by itself, or as a chaser for these these mind-altering tacos.

The Mazateña (camaron enchilado) and the perron (shrimp and sea bream)

These tacos don't last very long despite their formidable size. Patrons come in, order a couple of these two-handed delights, and are on their way--they're practically devoured as soon as they arrive at the table. The place is alive with local flair, and happy noshing.

a fully dressed perron


And, a tostada especial with cooked shrimp, raw shrimp, Baja pen shell scallops (callo de hacha), and octopus seasoned the Sinaloa way. Why not?

This tostada along with the others feature the hand of Sinaloan cocteleros, fresh local ingredients, Pacific seasoning, and are bathed with the nectar of Sinaloan cocteleros--divinely wet. Extra tostaditas are served to make your own little tostadas.

The place to be for tacos

Mariscos El Mazateño for a perfect day in Tijuana

Fresh cheese at at the Mercado Sobre Ruedas

When you're done, have a walk around the local Mercado Sobre Ruedas Tomas Aquino(market on wheels), where you will find clothes, electronics, tacos from the state of Hidalgo, cheese from Oaxaca, fresh produce, mattresses, raspados with a dozen flavors, and get a hair cut. Too bad I was stuffed from my Mazateña and perron. Get here if you can--now--back to my San Cristobal de la Habana Churchill.

Hidalgo style barbacoa at the mercado Sobre Ruedas Tomas Aquino

Mercado Sobre Ruedas(market on wheels) Tomas Aquino

Mariscos El Mazateño
Calzada Tecnologico,No. 473-E
Tomas Aquino
Tijuana, B.C.


Joanna said...

Thanks for making the salad I packed for lunch look completely boring. Great post and amazing original stuff as always! Can't wait to try it...

streetgourmetla said...

It's 9:30 on a Sunday night and I'm craving one of these now.I'd get in my car right now if the damn place was open!

Oh, you don't eat shrimp tacos, but you'll have these:)