Monday, May 4, 2009

Leyva's Liquor, Tijuana,BCN:El Don de tequila!!

Leyva's Liquor on la Revo in Tijuana, the best in Baja!!

Gilberto Leyva, el don de tequila.
For years I've been a regular customer at Leyva's Liquor. Gilberto Leyva runs the shop in the building owned by his family and I don't go to TJ without a stop here to buy some tequila for my growing collection, check out what's new, or grab a shot on the house of the various samples he always has ready. Sometimes more than just a shot!
With over 500 brands of tequila, Leyva's is unrivaled in northern Baja. He also has other Mexican spirits like Bacanora(Sonora), Sotol(Chihuahua), Agave Azul(Sinaloa), some mezcals, Cuban rum, national and imported liqueurs, and various liqour popular in Mexico like Buchana's and Chivas. His high end tequilas like the Gran Conquistador and Don Julio's Real go for about $100 less than they would in the US, the only betters deals would require a ticket to Guadalajara or the Duty Free in D.F. Don't look for much of a difference in price between the common brands such as Don Julio, Patron, and Cazadores, though.First off, you shouldn't be going to Mexico for these pedestrian labels, and the US buys enough volume to give the same price on these tequilas and sometimes even slightly better. The real treat at Leyva's for me is grabbing up stuff not available in the US and new product.
Prices in pesos and dollars

Tequila for days.

You don't have to be an expert here with Gilberto's assistance. He makes it easy. Tell him what you want, how much you want to pay, and he'll steer you towards a winner. He knows more or less what's available in the US, and if you've seen it somewhere just tell him to give you a few more recommendations. In most cases, Gilberto has tasted the tequila, if not, he'll let you know.No pretense, sales pitch, or BS here, just honest and straight answers. He's not beholden to any corporate interest hustling the latest swill with pushy sales girls like some places around town.

And, Gilbert has everything from fine fine tequilas to rot gut.Want to live like a construction worker?Just grab one of those big plastic bee hive shaped containers of tequila mixta for $5. Yuck. Over a year ago I brought Abby's Pleasure Palate to Baja witha stop at Leyva's where we sipped a few while we shopped. So, don't be shy, ask for a sample.He usually has at least a good reposado out, some silvers, and some interestings liqueurs like Damiana. Last weekend he had an excellent anejo, Aha Toro! out as a sample. Viva Leyva's! Leyva's liquor takes credit cards too for added convenience. This is the place to shop when in Tijuana for tequila from a man who knows his business. Go see Gilberto Leyva, el don de tequila.

Abby and Pleasure Palate members at Leyva's in January of 2008
Leyva's Liquor, prop. Gilberto Leyva
Tequila Showroom with over 500 brands!
Ave. Revolucion No. 1026, Zona Centro
Tijuana, BCN
011-52-664-688-0980 from the US

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Gabo said...

Great Review. I've actually been there and agree that Don Gilberto is a hell of a guy!