Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CLOSED.Garibaldi en Tijuana, Tijuana,BC-Guadalajara's Karnes en su Jugo arrives to the Californias

This restaurant is now closed.

Carne en su Jugo is an inexplicably rare dish outside of Guadalajara. Despite a huge presence of Tapatios in Los Angeles and in Baja you can hardly find a restaurant that serves it. I've found a few places in LA that make it, but they're nothing worth making a special trip. Don Pacos in Tijuana claims to be a specialist, but most often you see people in the restaurant ordering other items.

Caren en su Jugo was made famous by the Guadalajara chain Karnes Garibaldi. The dish is simple, thin strips of steak in broth with bacon, chiles, and beans. They come to the table with cilantro, onions,radishes, limes, chips and salsa, and a tempting plate of refried beans mixed with corn. Karnes Garibadi is famous for its dish and also its fast service, the plate arrives to your table in Guiness World Book of Record time.

Well, Garibaldi en Tijuana is not affiliated with the iconic Guadalajara restaurant, but the owners are Tapatios who wanted to bring the authentic flavors of Jalisco to Tijuana. When I came across their bus stop bench ad, I hustled on over. They have been open for just three weeks, and on this night were feeding their families and shooting a commercial that will run on a local station.

The restaurant has a classic Mexico feel in a strip mall-like space, with brick red walls adorned with revolutionary figures and culture defining photographs. Upstairs is a smaller dining area that's available for events and conferences.

If you've ever been to El Parian in Tlaquepaque, a furniture and craft shopping district with a popular destination to hear mariachis and eat local foods. A highlight of a trip to El Parian must include a jarritos, a tequila, squirt, orange, lime and salt cocktail served in a clay jar. This is a refreshing cocktail to start your evening Tapatio style at Garibaldi en Tijuana.

Condiments for your karne en su jugo arrives along with the complimentary refried beans with corn. The deliberate misspelling of carne with karne comes from the chain Karnes Garibaldi. These refritos are pure Guadalajara soul, lard spiked beans with an accent of corn goodness.

Hand made tortillas are a good sign always.

the karne en su jugo arrives, not in record time, but fast enough. Their only goal at Garibaldi en Tijuana is to deliver the taste, not the time. The broth is slurp-up-every-last-drop delicious. Tender steak and bacon drowned in a mild spicy broth with a tang of tomato and beef stock come together like a virtuosic mariachi trio.

Garibaldi en Tijuana is a karne en su jugo specialist. The other menu offerings are to nosh on before the signature dish arrives. Queso fundido, the fondue of Mexico topped with slices of chorizo, guacamole, and other time honored fare. With an order of karne en su jugo with jarritos for a friend and I, we came out of there for about $10 USD.

Market forces at work!

Those in need of your karne en su jugo fix just need cross the border and head down to the Zona Rio. If your taxi driver doesn't know where this new place is just say it's next to Black Line. Black Line is an adult video shop that's been around for years, and everyone in town seems to know where it is. The facial distortions of confusion and ignorance turn to smiles and knowing grins."Oh, I know where THAT is."

Garibaldi en Tijuana
Jose Maria Velasco #2632
Zona Rio
a un costado de Black Line
open 7 days('til 8pm)


Anonymous said...

Is this where TamalArte used to be??

mattatouille said...

wow, please take us here next time we're in town. that black line thing is too funny.

streetgourmetla said...

Anonymous-I don't know what was there before, but I will ask next time I stop by there.

Matt-done, you just gotta come along my friend.