Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CLOSED. Pal Cabron- Your Friendly Neighborhood Mexican Coke Dealer

This restaurant closed in 2011.

I've been a diner at Pal Cabron pretty much since its inception. Not only am I a supporter of this restaurant, but owner Bricia Lopez is a dear friend. She is the hostess with the mostess. I love bringing friends down here and recently came with new friend, Pepe Ruiz, who in all his years, new had a cemita or a clayuda.

Of course, our lunch was great, we had a fine afternoon with Bricia over Pueblan and Oaxacan fare, and Pepe is a new fan of the cemita.But, on my way out something caught my attention.

Now, I occasionally see threads on boards like the LA Chowhound boards about Mexican Coke. Where can you find it? Well, us latinos know you can get it in any of the latino markets, as well of most of the Mexican restaurants.So,it wasn't a surprise that Bricia had Mexican Coke, and Pepsi. Jarritos and Squirt. Check.

Mexican Squirt,Fresca and Yoli? Hmmmm.I don't see Yoli just anywhere, the lemon-lime soda out of Acapulco which is similar to sprite or 7-Up, but not as sweet.

Sidral's Mundet apple soda on the far right has been around since 1902, better than any apple soda on the market. This is getting serious.

Then I saw Boing, a non-carbonated fruit beverage that is very popular in various Latin-American communities.

It's not enough that Pal Cabron has become a Mexican soft drink theme park, but in addition to the usual Mexican beers she has Red Stripe,Newcastle, Guiness, and Heineken.

My self-serving streak started to tingle."Hey, can you get that soda that's from Puebla?", "It's only available there." "You mean O-Key", Bricia mused."I'll check it out." I told her if she did that, Pal Cabron could become a destination for Mexican Coke and soda fiends. I had tried O-Key on a recent trip to Puebla, and was bummed I couldn't find it anywhere else in Mexico, or the US. I'm usually drinking adult beverages, but for O-Key, I'll get on the wagon for a turn.

.......the next day..."It's here!" That was the text I got. Self-serving mission accomplished. Pal Cabron, your destination for Mexican Coke and beyond. The last bottle of O-Key on the shelf is mine, though!

Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron Closed
2560 East Gage Avenue
Huntington Park, CA 90255
323 277 9899

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