Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chaya Downtown LA: Make It a Three Day Weekend, Monday Nights at The New Japanese Beer Garden

On April the 5th I was invited along with some other bloggers by Chaya to try the new Japanese Beer Garden Menu at Chaya Downtown LA, chef Shigefumi Tachibe's East-West kitchen, in the heart of the downtown restaurant scene.

The Beer Garden is exclusively on Monday night from 5pm 'til close. This will be running until the end of the summer where you can order yakitori grilled to order on their casual patio space.

I arrived to see friends Maya and Esther already a couple drinks in, enjoying the signature cocktails on the Japanese Beer Garden menu. But, this is a beer garden, so I ordered a beer I've always enjoyed, Kirin Ichiban($5).Is this Monday, or what?

Yakitori skewers($2 each)are an affordable option, and were very good, I especially liked the tongue and the shrimp. The five selections are rounded out by beef, chicken, and shitake mushrooms.

I tried some of Esther and Maya's grilled corn with feta($5), a fancy version of street corn, but just as tasty. In turn I gave them some of the Hawaiian Albacore Poki($7). This was so satisfying, classic Asian flavors that are familiar and pleasurably in balance, a cool complement to a glass of beer or wine.

At $8, the Sake Steamed Mussels are the most expensive item on this menu, not bad, but you get a more than fair amount. I managed to grab this last one from the girls' plate.

The Chaya Downtown is an elegant yet relaxed restaurant, that exemplifies the new spirit of the Downtown LA scene. These are restaurants that are hip, committed to service and great food, but are accessible to all walks.

The prices are very approachable, a straight-forward and tasty menu, with $5 beer and wines by the glass, and a whole pitcher of beer goes for only $15. These prices are just what this current economy needs. The ambience is casual and festive. Red lanterns,$5 beers, the scent of grilled yakitori, and the company of good friends are the new cure for the Monday morning blues, or, reason to add an extra day to your weekend party.

Japanese Beer Garden
Mondays from 5PM to close
March 22 through the end of summer

Chaya Downtown LA
525 S.Flower St.
Los Angeles, CA 90071

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e*star said...

As always, good to run into you downtown! :) I did enjoy your ahi tuna and seaweed.