Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Street Gourmet La in the May 2010: Travel and Leisure.Think Baja Should Put Me on Retainer?

On my way back from another epic culinary tour of Baja, my Great Chefs of Baja encounter a friend came across this article.

"On the Baja forums of chowhound.com, I pored over descriptions of barbecued-quail stands and itinerant sea-urchin vendors, unfiltered honeys and farmstead cheeses. I devoured the posts of StreetGourmetLA (real name Bill Esparza), a Los Angeles–based musician who seems to spend all his days eating his way across northern Baja, then regaling fellow Chowhounds with his discoveries, including an Ensenada ceviche stand “that will change your life.” (Baja Tourism should put this guy on retainer.)"

Excerpt from May 2010, Travel and Leisure
article by Peter John Lindberg


terim2 said...

Baja yes - who deserves it more? I got my copy of T&L yesterday (a good issue, much better than the tiresome 'best hotels' stuff) and in reading the article, realized I'd already heard about many of these places from you - so was happy and not so surprised to see your name mentioned. You are by far my favorite blogger/foodie/expert. I love Mexico and I love that you educate me on the nuances and differences of food in different states and regions there, plus of course the metropolis of LA and its myriad of ethnic eats. I made it to Muelle Tres on your superb advice and loved it. Muchas gracias - and keep sharing. You are an L.A. treasure.

Eddie Lin said...


Excellent props! Eventually the establishment figures out who's who and what's what. You're on your way, buddy!

The Travel & Leisure piece was really great and made me wistful of those gluttonous days last July in Baja.

streetgourmetla said...

Wow, thanks terim2, you made my day. What did you have at Muelle Tres? You are so gracious. Truly, a heart felt thanks.

Thanks again Eddie, you are a true friend to the end. I miss that Baja trip, it was something else, wasn't it?

terim2 said...

At Muelle Tres, we had a variety of raw clams and fish (they were out of a variety of clam probably recommended by you) - all fresh and delicious. But the other dish I thought was terrific were "little pillows" - almohaditas? de camaron. The absolutely fluffiest little pastry pillows filled with shrimp, served piping hot. It was the perfect contrast (along w/the french fries)to the cold raw dishes.

streetgourmetla said...

That's great terim2.Oh, HELLO, I almost forgot about those fries, they are my favorite ever. How could I have been there recently and not stopped there at least for those fries. There's always room for a couple of fries!