Friday, September 17, 2010

Riding the Camarena Tequila Express with Uncouth Gourmand

I would say that it was destiny that I'd end up riding around in a tequila truck. When Mark and Mike from Rebel Industries called me up to take a ride on the Camarena Tequila truck and write about life on the road, I only had one requirement, of course that there's be some tequila drinking. Of course, no drinking and driving! But drinking and parking is alright, if some of the tequila for cooking,JUST happened to fall into my glass.

Tequila?Check!Tacos?Check! I thought this would be a great duo act though, so I suggested one of my favorite chicas, Josie Mora of Uncouth Gourmands. And, let's just say that Josie and I go together like tortilla chips and salsa.I could see us on a food variety show.We could be the Tony Orlando and Dawn of the kitchen.

We also had spicy Camarena girl Jessie. With the beautiful girls,Jessie and Josie, free flowing tequila, and tequila laced tacos, the Camarena Tequila truck was unstoppable that day.

The Camarena family has been in the highlands of Jalisco for six generations, and they launched Camarena tequila in 2010. They come from the most prestigious tequila producing town of Arandas,Jalisco. Their silver and reposado tequilas are made from 100% blue agave. Camarena tequila is perfect for making cocktails, and their approachable price makes them an excellent alternative in the well tequila market. Move over Cuervo and Sauza, because Camarena is the new game in town. The tequilas are tasty on their own, but at under $20 a bottle at Bevmo, it's paloma(tequila and Squirt cocktail) time!

To promote their brand, chef Sevan Azarian put together a tequila based menu. Camarena Truck chef Derek Lund was in the truck's kitchen on this day sending out the FREE TACOS! When the truck pulls up, the anticipation begins.Who will be the fortunate diners? The twitter account shouts out the truck's location and the people rush up to the window.

Josie suggested that we have some tacos, like this carnitas taco from chef Lund. We were there to observe and tweet, but a couple a mischievous souls like us couldn't resist finding some other things to do.

While we pestered the surly chef drinking up all the "cooking supplies" like a couple of fiends, the Camarena team was outside working Hollywood Bl. It's not a bad deal at all. Stop and like them on Facebook, get some free tacos, and a couple of discount coupons on some Camarena tequila.

We started our day on Hollywood Bl. across the street from the Chinese Theater. Seemed like a great idea. I mean, just look at this attractive couple. They were easy going, and looking forward to Camarena's tequila infused tacos. Let me tell you, those tacos aren't infused, uh....the chef just dumps some tequila on the meat. I mean, there's a whole shot in there!

Outside, Jessie and Mark were working the crowds, but this is Hollywood Bl. Lots of tourists and street characters that are out of their mind.Maybe this tourist and whacko trap wasn't the best place. Well we made the best of it.

Mike got in the spirit of Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

And we all enjoyed the honesty of this panhandler.

This woman danced around like she just dropped a bunch of dexies. I think there's a great video of this caught by Mike and Mark. At least she grabbed a taco.

At this point Josie and I did our "GET YOUR FREE TACOS" bit. Here she is interviewing a couple of Brits on the street. The best was when Josie was yelling through the window at the La Salsa customers that we had FREE TACOS. But this is Hollywood Bl., and I think people are used to being bothered by crazy people!

We tried to get a megaphone so we could really have some fun, but none of the stores carried any. Hollywood was spared that day.

We had mixed results walking over to the Chinese Theater, tourists were ignoring us, and the crazies? One guy yelled vagabond gibberish at Josie with a menacing scowl on his face. I went right up in his face, looked him in the eye and said, "sir, we just want to give you some....FREE TACOS!" He paused, then kissed my hand.........Hollywood Boulevard.

Jessie was doing pretty good back at the truck ,and we managed to get a nice crowd together before we went off to our next location.

Chinatown Summer Nights was definitely more our speed. Mark arrived early and snagged a parking space, chef had gone off to pick up some more ingredients. I think it's because Josie made a taco pie with all his ingredients. It looked awful, ticked off the chef, but I think it was pretty good. Josie!

The people over in Chinatown were locals, not locos, and they were eager to come over for some tacos. Josie continued to talk up the truck until she was distracted by a Chinese sweets shop.

When we got back, the event's security told us we were in a loading zone and couldn't stay. There were a bunch of trucks at the festival already that had paid, so even though we were giving away free food, it just didn't work out.The trials of the food truck biz. We walked around for a bit to take in Chinatown Summer Nights.I was buzzing pretty good from all the "cooking supplies" by now, but I'd say they throw a fine event. The dance floor was popping, too!

I had a great day with Josie, Jessie, Mark,Mike and the rest of the Camarena tequila truck crew. It was truly an educational experience learning first-hand, the inner workings of a food truck.

Look for the Camarena Tequila truck, enjoy a couple of tacos while you learn about the brand. Pick up their silver and reposado tequilas for your next party.

Thanks for a great time guys. Thanks Josie. We do make a great team.

Learn more at Camarena Tequila

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