Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tijuana,BC-A Food GPS Dose of Vitamin P 911

Pig on pig action at Taqueria El Franc in Tijuana.This adobada(al pastor) is preferred by 9 out of 10 pigs.

A few weeks ago I received a message from Baja chef Javier Plascencia, of Villa Saverios, Mision 19, Caesar's Restaurant, Casa Plascencia, and Cebicheria Erizo."We have some kurobuta pork coming in from Quebec, so we're going to throw a big party to check out this pork." "Benito Molina will be there, Jair Tellez,Jay Porter from the Linkery wih his chef Max Bonacci, and a guy from San Jose del Cabo, Paul Zamudio." "I have media passes!"

I will be reporting on this event soon, but a more pressing matter is at hand.

The first people I thought of were Jo Stougaard of My Last Bite and Joshua Lurie of Food GPS, a pair of pork zealots without peers. Jo's Blog is practically a shrine to pork, and Josh has a weekly Dose of Vitamin P to document his porcine fetish.

It turned out Josh had a conflict, so he wasn't to join Jo, Fiona of Gourmet Pigs, Esther of Estar LA and I for this epic porkorama. And, to top it off, Josh struck out four times this week trying to find a suitable dish for his weekly Dose of Vitamin P. He was desparate, and something had to be done. After merely taunting him with the details of our pork fest, we decided to each dedicate a dish from the dinner to fill in for the Weekly Dose of Vitamin P.

For my selection, Benito Molina's tostadita of hog maw in a tomatillo sauce. It was served along side a tostadita of abalone, cochinita pibil(pit roasted pork in achiote), and the buche, in the bottom right of this picture.

Benito had given me a sample before coming to his station, and a quickly rounded up my ladies to get in line. The buche was elegant, in away I've not encountered, fit for a king, with a light tang of tomatillo and whispers of herbs and spices.Its slightly naughty scent evoked fond memories of a prurient nature.

On this night there were enough Doses of Vitamin P to fuel Food GPS for a couple of months, perhaps. Sorry you missed this one, Josh, but may this little tostada help to assuage your pain.

EstarLA comes to the aid of Food GPS with this gem. We all loved this!

Gourmet Pigs filling in for Food GPS

My Last Bite tweets a porky picture to raise the spirits of Food GPS


Anonymous said...

address of taqueria el franc?

streetgourmetla said...

Anonymous-A post will be coming soon, stay tuned.

Food GPS said...

"Porcine fetish?" You've got that right. Thanks for the dedication. Glad you were all able to experience the "epic porkorama."

gourmetpigs said...

I can only wonder what fond memories this dish evoked :p

streetgourmetla said...

Josh-You're welcome.

Gourmet Pigs-Meow!