Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pacifico's Adventures on Tap: A Taste of Mazatlan

One of my favorite beers in the world, and just about the only one I drink when in Sinaloa-here at El Conchal in Culiacan,Sinaloa.

About a month ago I attended Pacifico's Adventures on Tap promotional tour at Capsule Labs in LA to try Pacifico on tap, attend a live pressing of a vinyl recording, and party like an urban Mazatleco(someone from Mazatlan).

The event was somewhat peculiar for this regular Sinaloa visitor. There was a DJ spinning grooves while we all hit up the Pacifico tap, and activities in general that were alternative. For me, Pacifico means tambora, hot culichis at the beaches and the clubs, and un chingo de camarones.

I slipped out just as the vinyl pressing was about to happen. This may have been novel for some of the youngsters in attendance, but I grew up with vinyl and still have a sizable collection.When people started to say," dude", I felt very old. Thanks Pacifico!

There was also a cool Pacifico pinata, but I missed that too. Man, I haven't taken a crack at a pinata in a long time.OK, this was more like it.

The Pacifico really hit the spot, and was an excellent start to my evening. But, to tell you the truth, I really prefer Pacifico in a bottle. It's not usually the case, but this isn't a bad thing as most bars have Pacifico in bottles.

Pacifico Clara is always in my fridge, and is one of my favorite Mexican pilseners. On a short beer list it's my go-to-beer, and when in the Pacific states of Mexico it becomes part of my Sinaloan dreams. It's great in a michelada, the umami-spiked Mexican beer cocktail.

Pacifico Clara has been around since 1900; it's part of the porfolio of Grupo Modelo, now co-owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

I recommend visiting the beautiful beaches and cities of Sinaloa, especially Mazatlan. In the meantime, let an ice cold Pacifico Clara cool you off in this summer's heat with some traditional air-conditioning, Mazatlan style.

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Ruth Blanco said...

I have no idea how I got here but Im happy I did i been reading your blog for hours now, i love food but more than nada Im from Mazatlan now i live in GDL and oh good u have no idea how much i miss my pacifico with some camarones, this post made me cry!!

Thank u, keep up the good work

Ruth Blanco aka MAZATLECA!!!