Monday, August 5, 2013

Sinaloan Sushi has Arrived in Southern California--Break out the Philly Cream Cheese, Tecate, and Cowboy Boots

Sushinaloa where Tacos El Paisa once stood in Lynwood

Menu at Sushinaloa

After recent travels to Asia, I'm not sure who's more rigid, Asians or Mexicans, when it comes to food. Mexicans love raw seafood as long as it's done to their preferences. When it comes to authentic sushi,
it's not very popular in Mexico. Read about how Sinaloa style sushi has crossed the border to serve the local Sinaloan population in my latest for the Los Angeles Magazine Digest: Oh No, There Goes Tokyo Roll--Sinaloa Style Sushi Invades L.A.

Chiles rellenos at Sushinaloa

Culichi Town, Bell, CA

The Guerra Roll at Culichi Town

Sushi Roll the Tweedy Mile at Jibz Sushi y Mariscos

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