Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back to Back Game Changing Regional Mexican Restaurants, Burritos La Palma and Las Molenderas in the Same Week at Los Angeles Magazine

Burritos La Palma in El Monte 

 Mexican burritos have arrived

The Real Enchirito, El Platillo Especial at Burritos La Palma

Well, it is said that lightening never strikes twice but in one weekend day I found not one, and not two, but three restaurants, two of which were on my wish list. So, lightening strikes trice!

I had been searching in vain for northern burritos in Los Angeles ever since I can remember, even settling for Gorditas La Norteña back in 2009--I stopped in again in the last year and took a few apathetic bites of a burrito that lacked any appeal the moment it was place din front of me. The quality had gone down, but it was never that great to begin with (guess that's why I hadn't been back since 2009) ; it was just the closest thing we had in L.A.

In walks Burritos La Palma, an actual outpost of a famous burrito franchise from Zacatecas that makes their own flour tortillas, has delicious guisados, and the ultimate wet burrito to end all wet burritos, an actual cross between a burrito and an enchilada--it's the enchirito.

Read about Burritos La Palma in my latest Essential T for Los Angeles Magazine's Digest Blog.

Eggs and Mole Poblano at Las Molenderas

While searching for another place I had in my notes I came across a banner that read "Pipian Rojo", it's just not something you come across in Boyle Heights. Las Molenderas is traditional, yet is a neighborhood spot, serving mole in a way that's perfect for the third generation Mexican-Americans in Boyle Heights, and fit for mole aficionados like you and I.

The third spot was an Aguascalientes-style birrieria which I'll link in another post. Amazed to find these places and inspired to dig deeper--just when I begin to think that the truest gems have already been mined, I find a trio of very special places.

I do many things these days and have found a second career which is why I rarely do original posts here, but this, the finds, I do for you, those who read. Enjoy these restaurants with my sincerest endorsement, the kind I only give to the very best.

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