Sunday, February 1, 2015

Inside L.A.'s Underground Street Food Scene With CNN's Nick Valencia in the Real Los Angeles


Take a tour with CNN correspondent Nick Valencia and I into L.A.'s Mexican community, deep within the enclaves serving Mexican from very specific regions: DTLA's Mercado Olympic for shopping and street eats from Puebla, Michoacan, Jalisco and Mexico City;a food truck vendor in East L.A. from the State of Mexico, and a house in East L.A. that cooks up the best birria in L.A. from La Barca, Jalisco.

Help make street food legal one bite at a time; take time out of your week to dine at one of our delicious food trucks, stands, backyard or front yard eateries and even houses. Tell your politicians, friends and family to support working families and legalize street food--spread the word, street food is here to stay and it's a part of Los Angeles culture as it was always.

Hope you enjoy the segment as much we did filming it.


Unknown said...

Se Mira delicioso

Unknown said...

I saw you at guerrilla tacos today. So good! Where can I find that churros street vendor?

streetgourmetla said...

Cary--Weekends at the Mercado Olympic. I have a post about the Mercado Olympic here on the blog.

Erik said...

Great segment! I'm drooling now. Where can i find the house that sells birria and the vendor selling tacos and consome de borrego?