Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Taking Over Galaxy Taco This Tuesday, February 16th to Bring Some Favorite Tacos From my Travels

My dear friends at Galaxy Taco are letting me have at their kitchen this Tuesday as part of their All-Star Tuesday Takeover series, from 5p.m. on to celebrate some delicious memories of Mexico from my family's hometown of Aguascalientes, the Rio Sonora and one of my favorite tacos to make at home. Plus, the bowl of Mexican street corn of you dreams!

I'm not a chef, nor am I an All-Star, but I've had tacos in 29 Mexican states, am the curator of LA Weekly's Tacolandia (which has sold out every year), am an Ellie nominated Taco editor (For LA Magazine's July Taco City issue), serve as taco guide to the stars on TV, work as a restaurant consultant and am the world's first tacorazzo.

Chefs Trey Foshee and Christine Rivera will be in the kitchen as my designated taqueros for the night, cooking up my favorite taste in all of Mexico, the Sonoran burrito de carne con chile (burritos are tacos, too), suckling pig tacos from my hometown, Aguascalientes, topped with a special pico de gallo made with chile manzano and a shrimp in peanut mole taco. I love mole, and am on a mission to share the wealth of Mexican moles with people, not just the 2-3 that are more commonly known.

Everyone loves street corn, so I've found a unique version in the state of Coahuila, perhaps the elite and esquire capitol of Mexico, that uses Mexican cream and yellow cheese! Yes, I said yellow cheese., and it's one of the best esquires I've ever had. Come join me for some lessor known tacos that are very special to me at Foshee's exciting new project in La Jolla, Galaxy Taco.

Galaxy Taco Tuesday Takeover @ Galaxy Taco, Tuesday, February 16, 5p.m., 2259 Avenida De La Playa (b/t La Jolla Shores Dr & Paseo Del Ocaso), La Jolla Shores, (858) 228-5655,

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