Monday, October 6, 2008

Mariscos Jalisco:Not just another mariscos truck

Mariscos Jalisco

The Menu

Tacos dorados de camaron con aguacate(shrimp tacos)

Crispy outside and tender in the middle!

I'd like to thank Abby,Lisa, and Cecilia for alerting me about some mariscos trucks located on Olympic between Evergreen and Dakota.They were on a Pleasure Palate Mexican food crawl weekend before last that I couldn't make.Upon hearing the news about a gathering of mariscos trucks and big crowds, I immediately thought more boring cocteles and uninspired ceviche, but the talk of the hungry mob intrigued me, so I had to stop by on my way out of town.It was slammed at all three trucks, one around the corner on Evergreen, another near the corner of Evergreen and Olympic, and one all the way down near Dakota.I couldn't eat that day, but stopped to do some recon, when I spotted two stands promoting their tacos de camaron.Hmmmm.Well, you know that feeling.Your chowsense just starts kickin' in.When I arrived at Mariscos Jalisco, I was surprized to see that they were in the style of San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco,Eat Nopal country.The northern part of Jalisco that borders Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas.Waiting all week with anticipation I returned this past Saturday afternoon.

Raul, the owner informed me that the recipe from the taco dorado de camaron(deep fried shrimp taco) comes from the taquero he employs, also from San Juan de Los Lagos.The taquero had worked at one of the other trucks until they had his recipe and let him go,so the Mariscos Jalisco truck has the source.

The taco is filled with a mixture of shrimp and vegetables and then deep fried until the taco is golden and crisp, and the filling is dark at the outside.Inside, a glorious softness and combined with the slightly fermented salsa produces a flavor that has an almost Asian tang.These are amazing, and are now my favorite taco in LA.Other offerings included cocteles,ceviches,ostiones(oysters), aguachiles(raw shrimp cooked in lime) in a cup or on a tostada, and tostadas de pescado,camaron,mixtos(mixed seafood), and jaiba(crab).

Ceviche de camaron(shrimp ceviche)

The crowd favorites are the tostadas mixtas, which looked beautiful, and tostadas in general along with the house specialty, tacos dorados de camaron.They have imitation abulon(abulone) as an option, the real thing would be too costly for them, so don't be surprised.Just say "sin abulon, por favor" on your mixta to avoid this.Treat yourself right, have a mixta or tostada de aguachile and 2-3 of those tacos de camaron, and for under $10 you have a regional Mexican seafood festival.The crowd is festive and substantial on the weekends which makes for a good time.

Raul is a pleasure to talk to and is very proud of his food and his family's heritage, as he should be with this serious contribution to the mariscos truck scene and the LA taco palate.

Mariscos Jalisco, al estilo San Juan de Los Lagos

Mon-Sun 9-5

Olympic near Dakota


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streetgourmetla said...

They're pretty amazing.You might be right, definitely for shrimp!

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4 VIentos tacos are better! More shrimp in there Tacos!

streetgourmetla said...

Hello Anonymous. More shrimp doesn't make a shrimp taco better, it just means there's more shrimp.I don't want a delicious hamburger, I'd just like a really big one?

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4 vientos is better. I been 2 both and 4 vientos gives you more and taste better

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Wrong again, Anonymous shill.