Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blogging For Los Angeles Magazine, and My Latest Article For the OC Weekly's Tijuana SI!

In case you missed the great news--I've joined Los Angeles Magazine's new blogger team, where I'll be covering all things Latino. There will be a Tuesday feature called Vitamina T in which I champion those Mexican comfort foods the begin with the letter T: tacos, tortas, and tamales. I will also do reviews and events around town from the Spanish, Kriol, Native-American, Garifuna, and Portuguese speaking worlds.

Links to my latest stories on L.A Magazine's blog:

Vitamina T
Rabbi-on-Board. Authentic Mexican tacos fit for a rabbi at the new Mexikosher taco truck.

Sweaty tacos at the El Faro Plaza in Vernon from El Atoron.  


L.A.'s best Cuban restaurant just got new digs--La Caridad got its mojo working, mang!

And in my latest Tijuana Si Column for the OC Weekly, I take you on a San Ysidro border crossing food crawl--tips to survive the Copacalypse.

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